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Hospitals Offering Waterbirth

Here are just a few of the hospitals currently offering waterbirth:

Hackettstown Community Hospital
Hackettstown, NJ, USA

OHSU Hosp, Portland, OR

Salmon Creek Hosp,Vancouver, WA

SW Wash Med Ctr, Vancouver, WA

Emanuel Hospital, Portland, OR

Hennepin Med Ctr, Minneapolis, MN

"What a wonderful experience! I'd do it a thousand times over if I could! Rayna was born in such a calm and loving environment. We also had the ability of not leaving our 2 1/2 year old son at any time which made things much less stressful. It's sad that more women don't know of the joys that a homebirth can bring. Birthing in water felt so natural!"

-Rachel, mother of:


Rayna Maye
Born at home 5/14/06
Hampton Bay, NY, USA

submitted: 10/11/2006



"I was so fortunate to have a hospital in my area that supported natural birth and water birth. I would love if water birth was supported in more hospitals."

-Molly, mother of:

Jackson Patrick
Born in a Hospital on 1/7/2003
Lacrosse, WI, USA

submitted 11/17/2006


"Fort Wainwright, Alaska (Bassett Army Community Hospital) is the only United States Army installation in the world currently doing water-births!!! Many military wives who've had the pleasure of delivery by water-birth at Fort Wainwright are eager to spread the word and get other Army hospitals on board!"


-Natalie, mother of:

Lila Kate
Born 11/6/2006
Bassett Army Community Hospital
Fort Wainwright, Alask


submitted 12/2/200


Workshop schedules  

The Waterbirth Workshops were created for all people interested in knowing more about this remarkable birth option.

Not only are the basics covered, but also the research, the physiology, the reasons and rationales for using warm water immersion in labor and birth.

Topics like 'How to avoid 2nd stage difficulties; dealing with shoulder dystocia; assessing blood loss; delayed third stage;

how to resuscitate tub side and initiating breastfeeding are covered in this all day course. 

This course was granted CMEs by ACOG in September 2007, as part of the Gentle Birth World Congress.

Workshops have been already presented in these cities -  Dayton, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas;

Chino, California; Los Angeles, California; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Largo, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina;

Eugene, Oregon; Portland, Oregon; Orlando, Florida; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Vancouver, Washington; Boston, Massachusetts;

St. Louis, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Hackettstown, New Jersey; Jersey Shore, New Jersey; West Chester, New York;

Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Monterrey, Mexico; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Taipei, Taiwan; Shanghai, China 

There was much praise and gratitude for the information. The workshop has changed how some midwives and doctors attend births.

Certificates of attendance are given to each person and can be used to obtain CEUs.  

The course has been approved for continuing education by the Ohio Nurse Executives Associaiton and the Midwives Association of Florida, among others.  

If you wish to hold a credential in Waterbirth, the workshop is followed up with additional requirements.  

These additional requirements will be covered in the workshop.


The Embracing the Miracle Workshops explore the Primary Developmental Period and help to explain the influence that pregnancy, the birth event and the 

immediate period after the birth have on the development of the human psyche.  Studies and scientific evidence from a pre and perinatal psychology perpective are

presented along with leading edge information from developmental psychiatrists, neurologists, psychoneuroimmunologists, celular biologists and experts

in attachment and bonding.

Newborns were once thought of as passive recipients of external stimulation, but are now regarded as competent, wholely present participants in relationships

thoughout pregnancy and immediately at birth.  By examining how we welcome babies into the world and what we can do to create an environment that is supportive

and nurturing to newborn brain development, we are suddently faced with myrid challenges to our common held beliefs and practices surrounding birth.


Would you like to host a workshop in your city, university or hospital?

Just send us a request.  Click here to send us your inquiry.


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Date of Workshop Title City Location/Host Organization

March 10-12


Gentle Birth Guardian Training - Level 1 Part 1  (this training is divided into 2 three day weekend seminars)

Hyatt Place Hotel

  Dallas, Texas  

March 23-25


Gentle Birth Guardian Training - Level 1 Part 2  (Second half of the Level 1 Guardian Training)

Hyatt Place Hotel

  Dallas, Texas  




February 19


Waterbirth Certification Workshop   Florida Licensed Midwives CEU Approval on CE Broker

Hollywood Birth Center

Hollywood, Florida  

April 13-17


Gentle Birth Guardian Training - Level 1            (Five Day intensive)

Hyatt Place Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale Airport South

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  







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