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"What a wonderful experience! I'd do it a thousand times over if I could! Rayna was born in such a calm and loving environment. We also had the ability of not leaving our 2 1/2 year old son at any time which made things much less stressful. It's sad that more women don't know of the joys that a homebirth can bring. Birthing in water felt so natural!"

-Rachel, mother of:


Rayna Maye
Born at home 5/14/06
Hampton Bay, NY, USA

submitted: 10/11/2006



"I was so fortunate to have a hospital in my area that supported natural birth and water birth. I would love if water birth was supported in more hospitals."

-Molly, mother of:

Jackson Patrick
Born in a Hospital on 1/7/2003
Lacrosse, WI, USA

submitted 11/17/2006


"Fort Wainwright, Alaska (Bassett Army Community Hospital) is the only United States Army installation in the world currently doing water-births!!! Many military wives who've had the pleasure of delivery by water-birth at Fort Wainwright are eager to spread the word and get other Army hospitals on board!"


-Natalie, mother of:

Lila Kate
Born 11/6/2006
Bassett Army Community Hospital
Fort Wainwright, Alask


submitted 12/2/2006


Waterbirth Certification Workshop (including ONLINE)

This one day workshop is required by many hospitals for midwives and doctors for hospital privileges to attend water labors and births.  

We cover the basics as well as the specifics.

  • *Current Research
  • *Integrating waterbirth into a hospital, birth center or home birth practice
  • *AAP and ACOG objections to waterbirth
  • *Newborn breathing mechanisms and the physiology of newborn transition
  • *Delayed cord clamping and it's influence on transitional physiology
  • *Evaluating the newborn after a waterbirth
  • *Using water as an intervention in labor
  • *Assessing blood loss
  • *Preventing and dealing with shoulder dystocia during a waterbirth
  • *Protecting the perineum
  • *Contraindications to waterbirth

Many photos and videos illustrate the ease and safety of waterbirth along with the healing and beneficial effects of laboring and giving birth in water.


Session Description:     
  This course will cover how and why to integrate water immersion into maternity care including benefits of waterbirth as part of a gentle birth approach to maternity care; the neurology of water immersion; managing and preventing complications; the latest research on waterbirth; the common contraindications to birth in water; the rationales for delayed cord clamping; the necessity of protecting and seeing the microbiome of the infant;  accomplishing skin to skin contact and kangaroo mother care;  physiological third stage and newborn transitional physiology.  There is a special emphasis on hospital integration and safety during this session with demonstrations, film and hundreds of photographs.  


This workshop is intended to support practice by:

  • Promoting critical thinking on issues relating to undisturbed birth

  • Broadening  knowledge around key issues of planning, implementing, providing and documenting maternity care that includes an awareness of the benefits of water immersion;

  • Identifying evidence-informed practices to facilitate the woman’s informed choice;

  • Offering opportunity for each care provider to reflect on their own maternity care practices.

Behavioral Objectives:    At the end of this session participant will be able to:

1. Discuss the ACOG/AAP position statement on birth in water based on current research.  

2. Outline the recommended steps to prevent and/or resolve a shoulder dystocia when it occurs while the mother is in the water.

3. List three instances where water immersion could be used as an intervention in labor.

4. Explain the physiology of newborn transition and the significance of delayed cord clamping on newborn breathing.

5. Explain the four physiological mechanisms that prevent the baby from taking a breath in water.


The course has been approved by the American College of Nurse Midwives  - program #2012/028.  This course has also been previously approved for CME credits for physicians by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Applications for CMEs are the responsibility of the education department of each hospital. Recent approval has been obtained.

Doulas and childbirth educators who have taken this course have submitted their attendance certificate as documentation of continuing education and it has been recognized by other organizations. 

When you take the Waterbirth Certification Online, we will send you all the documentation, evaluation, post-test by email and links. You will receive all the articles relevant to every part of the presentation, bibliography, Certificate of Attendance. The teaching site allows PowerPoint, video streaming and open microphones and chat screens for questions.

Register for Online Workshop HERE



Embracing the Miracle:  How Pregnancy Birth and the First Hour Influence Human Potential (one and two day workshops)

This workshop covers the basics of the Primary Developmental Period, which begins before conception and continues throughout the first two years of development after birth. We look at what babies need in utero and how the birth event may positively or negatively impact brain development.

We explore issues of:

*Skin to Skin contact in the first three days

*Epigenetics and the development of chronic illness

*The influence of nutrition both prior to conception and during pregnancy

*Pediatric illnesses that stem from early cord clamping

*Guided visualizations to use with pregnant women for increased mindfulness

*Specific actions of common obstetric drugs on the brain and physiology of the baby

In the 2 day workshop we begin to explore the Guardian role of "holding the Space" for both the mother and the baby.  

*What does it mean to hold space?

*Can you "feel" energy?

*How can you help the mother "talk" to the baby?

*What are your own perceptions of your birth expreience?

*Did you being life in a trusting, open relationship with your mother or do you have some Archetypal negative messages that are still influencing you?

*Any relationship that has been ruptured, can be repaired.



Gentle Birth Guardian Holistic Training

Five Day Intensive - Level I


The Gentle Birth Guardian Training is a holistic program based on science, which utilizes the newest discoveries about the human Primary Development Period, the “quantum” understanding of cellular biology, the latest insights into mind-consciousness (neuroplasticity, hormones, epigenetics, hypnosis and bonding).

This course is where physics and metaphysics meld. 


During this training you will have the opportunity to transform or release old beliefs and fears about birth. 

You will carefully examine the multidimensional reality of birth on an emotional, relational, spiritual and physical level. 

And you will receive many tools and techniques to “center, connect and recharge” for yourself, as well as your clients.


At the end of this training you will:

• possess the necessary skills to create the optimal environment for undisturbed birth

• utilize new scientific principles confirming the biophysiology of pregnancy and birth

• understand and apply the basics of pre and perinatal psychology

• use basic hypnotic techniques to assist your client before and during birth

• be able to develop your own daily centering practice

• know practical tools allowing you to shift your emotional state

• be able to start your own birth doula practice

• improve an existing birth professional practice

• want to continue to expand your knowledge

• maintain and sustain your excitement about helping families achieve biodynamic births


These new tools have the potential to bring true resolution to your clients' physical, emotional and spiritual issues. 

What we teach works.

It is easy to learn.

And it's fun!!

Transform yourself to transform your practice.


Who Should Attend This Training?

Anyone interested in helping families create blissful birth experiences…


Experienced doulas wanting to fine tune their craft

L&D nurses looking to expand their knowledge base and learn techniques to support undisturbed birth

Midwives & Doctors who want to reenergize their love of birth and families,

while obtaining new skills to keep birth normal


What students have reported after the workshop......


Amy, a doula, from Edmonton, Canada reported this just three weeks after the training.

"just had my first experience in an undisturbed birth and it was truly amazing. I automatically stayed grounded and calm. The energy in the room was so serene and loving. I am still on a high. Mom and dad said it was the best experience they've ever had. I am just so happy that I was able to be a part of it, and I know that my confidence is as a result of your gentle birth guardian training."


Andrea, a doula from Calgary, Canada applied new techniques only 5 days after the workshop!  

 “I had a prenatal visit with a client last night and used some of the new techniques I learned in the workshop.  After weeks of "could this be it" prodromal labour signs, she gave birth to a baby boy just 10 hours after our session! She had a 3.5 hour labor and a great birth.  I can't wait to take many more women to this place of peaceful, calm birth. Thank you so much Nadine for giving me this gift.”


Jennifer, a certified hypnotherapist from Victoria, BC, Canada wrote these comments....

"I really felt the love and respect in the environment in your workshop. It was a personal transformation. I am so very grateful and looking forward to spreading this important information and way of being."


Gentle Birth Guardian Workshops for Nurses


This is a shorter, more intensive workshop directed at new and experienced labor and delivery nurses.  

Shift the paradigm to recognize what undistrubed birth really looks like.  

Learn specific techniques to aid women in labor to relax and release their babies without drugs.

Help women with simple hypnosis techniques to apply in labor.








The Waterbirth Workshops were created for all people interested in knowing more about this remarkable birth option.

Not only are the basics covered, but also the research, the physiology, the reasons and rationales for using warm water immersion in labor and birth. Topics like 'How to avoid 2nd stage difficulties; dealing with shoulder dystocia; assessing blood loss; delayed third stage; how to resuscitate tub side and initiating breastfeeding are covered in this all day course. 

This course was approved by ACOG in September 2007, and was presented at the Gentle Birth World Congress. Workshops have been already presented in these cities Dayton, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Chino, California; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Largo, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Orlando, Florida and Portland, Oregon. There was much praise and gratitude for the information. The workshop has changed how some midwives attend births.


Certificates of attendance are given to each person and can be used to obtain CEUs.  The course has been approved for continuing education by the Ohio Nurse Executives Associaiton and the Florida Association of Midwives. An ACNM application for credits is in process.  If you wish to hold a credential in Waterbirth, the workshop is followed up with additional requirements.  These additional requirements will be covered in the workshop.


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