"I had such a wonderful experience! I was actually able to fall asleep between contractions, and during my contractions I could relax my entire lower body to allow my baby to descend. My labor was 2 and a half hours long and I only pushed for 5 minutes! There was something so empowering about having my midwives surrounding me, giving me strength. I imagine it was how women gave birth centuries ago. He came out with his fist against his face and I didn't even tear! He was born sleeping soundly, didn't even realize anything was going on. He's been such a relaxed, laid back guy since. How many people can say that they enjoyed their labor/birth experience so much that they want another baby!"

-Katherine, mother of:

Ashton Michael
Born 5/6/2006 at a Birth Center
Tacoma, WA, USA

Submitted 7/24/2006



"It was the best thing I could have done for myself and my son. My first child, my daughter, was born naturally, no drugs in the same hospital, it was a surprisingly intense experience. My son, Hudson, was born in a birthing tub. I was relaxed and calm. The water was so soothing during the contractions, I couldn't believe I was actually delivery another drug-free baby, without the intensity. I would recommend it to anyone who wants pain relief during delivery, it is amazing!"

-Jennifer, mother of:

Hudson Steven
Born 10/30/2002
Hospital, Davis, CA



submitted 4/27/2006




"Giving birth to Lucas in water was amazing. It allowed the pain to ease about 80 % and I was able to focus on Lucas and not the pain. The delivery part was about 2 hours and I truly belive it was because I was in the water."

-Cassandra, mother of:

Lucas Dajhan
Born 5/12/2002

in a Birth Center
Huntington Valley, PA

submitted 4/24/2006




"Amazing! Beautiful! Was more than what I expected from waterbirth! With my first born, a son, I had planned for waterbirth but was unable to do it as he arrived prematurely. Was disappointed, but finally had my water birth with my second child, a girl, in a jacuzzi tub in a hotel room in Florida! That was not the plan, believe me, but unforeseen circumstances dictated it that way! Thank you for all your work with waterbirth, Barbara!"

-Loida, Mother of:

April Mizuko
Born in a hotel 4/19/1999
Jacksonville, FL



Education is the key to understanding the dynamics of how your body functions, how your emotions interplay and influence your birth outcome and what is required to prepare for a safe and gentle birth experience.  We must also keep in touch with social commentary about changes in our healthcare and maternity care systems.

Today, the bookshelves are full of exciting books about pregnancy, parenting, birth, post-partum care for mothers, breastfeeding, midwifery, home birth, doula education, books for fathers, and of course, waterbirth. Our goal as a nonprofit organization is to lead you in the right direction and to help you find the resources you need. With the cost of keeping books in stock, we have decided to partner with Powells books - the largest independent bookstore in America and located right here in Portland, Oregon. On the extensive list below, you can order discounted books.



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