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"I entered the birth pool at 7cm and it made my labor so much more manageable! Less than two hours later, my daughter was born. Her 14" head didn't mold at all, and I didn't tear either! It was such a peaceful experience and a gentle way to bring a child into the world."

-Chloe, mother of:

Lauren Elizabeth
Born at home 7/13/06
Harvest, AL




"Emma Day's birth was a beautiful lively event on a bright sunny day. I labored about 4.5 hours and she was born into my hands in a small inflatable pool in my apartment kitchen. Her eyes were open wide and looking into ours the whole time and I never had any concern for her wellbeing what-so-ever. She was a content infant and is a delightful 2 year old today."

-Deb, Mother of:

Emma Day
Born at Home 6/30/2004
Goshen, IN



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