"Natural birth with a midwife allowed my son to take his time. When he arrived his umbilical cord was short which explained why I could only push a few seconds before stopping. He needed oxygen in short bursts! It was truly an experience I cherish for the fact that my body delivered when it was ready, not by induction. The support and strength of the women in the room was imperative. The next one is on the way and we will choose a natural waterbirth again."

-Robyn, mother of:


Calvin Riley
Born 8/8/2003 at a Birth Center
Woodlands, TX, USA

Submitted 7/24/2006



"I couldn't believe the difference in my first birth (hospital, induction, epidural) and my second (birth center, spontaneous, waterbirth)! I commented to my mother when my baby was 6 days old that I felt better than I had when my first child was 6 WEEKS old. I attribute most of that difference to being able to birth naturally and undisturbed in the water. I felt powerful and awesome, and my husband thinks I was, too!"-

Jessica, mother of: 

Jenna Ann

Born in water 12/14/2004

Birth Center, Lutz, FL


Waterbirth International was begun in 1988, in Santa Barbara, California, by a concerned group of women and men who wanted to "ensure that waterbirth is an available option for all women."  From that humble beginning in the living room of Barbara Harper and Harry Kislevitz's home, more than twenty five years ago, Waterbirth International has become a leading voice in seeking a gentler, kinder, and yes, easier way to welcome babies into the world.

Mission Statement:


The very specific mission of Waterbirth International continues at all times to be:

We insure that Waterbirth is an available option for all women in all birth settings.


Vision Statement:


We accomplish this through programs designed to educate both parents and professionals about the Gentle Birth model of maternity care, which includes the use of warm water immersion, and has the benefits of improving birth outcomes and substantially reducing the costs of health care. 

  • We provide referrals to professionals
  •  We offer educational programs and resources for parents
  • We offer education and resources for professionals worldwide to help implement waterbirth practices in hospitals and birth centers


 What is Gentle Birth?


Gentle Birth is an evidence-based model of maternity care, developed by practitioners worldwide, which incorporates current research on the psycho-neuro-physiology of the mother/baby pair and the consciousness of the fetus/newborn in its care practices.


Gentle Birth employs wellness promotion, integrative health care modalities, and responsiveness to the unique physiology unfolding in the mother and baby in all aspects of perinatal care, and follows the dictum, “First, Do No Harm” when considering any intervention. 

Rooted in a strong sense of “pure service,” Gentle Birth practitioners place the physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of the mother-infant pair, above all other system considerations and they uphold the right of childbearing women to exercise full autonomy in their care decisions.


Waterbirth: Easier for Moms...Better for Babies!




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