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Elizabeth Cluett - British Medical Journal - Jan 2004 Randomised controlled trial of labouring in water compared with standard of augmentation for management of dystocia in first stage of labour 

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"Cameron is my third child, but the first to be born outside of a hospital and without drugs. It was an absolutely AMAZING experience to give birth in the water, and I hope to do it again in the future."

-Lindsay, mother of:
Cameron Edward
Born 11/24/2006
Home, St. Augustine, FL, USA
-submitted 12/24/2006

"10% of births in Rijeka Maternity Ward are now done in an alternative way.  Mothers from all over Croatia are coming to Rijeka to birth on the birthing stool or in the birthing tub.

story by: Barbara Calusic

(Novi List, Rijeka, Croatia19/06/06)
Translation: Eliana Trinaistic,


 The birth pool room in the hospital in Rijeka, Croatia

It is amazing that waterbirth has spread as far and wide as it has.  There are now more than 90 countries that offer waterbirth in hospitals or birth clinics.  This story from Croatia means so much more when you picture the "typical" hospital births in this country.  Women are alone in rooms, no access to family or friends, often intimidated to "obey" the doctors and nurses.  A pool of water is such a stark contrast to this form of treatment and an inspiration to those who want to change things in hospitals anywhere else in the world.  If it can be done here - it can be done anywhere.



Barbara Harper and Dianne Garland, from the UK represented Waterbirth International in Mainland China in 2005.  They gave a two day workshop for physicians, midwives and nurses on the use of water for labor and birth.  It was very successful and other hospitals have begun practices because of that educational seminar.
The Changning District Maternity and Child Health Hospital in Shanghai was the very first facility to offer waterbirth.  Since starting their program, Dr. Bao, (pictured left holding a recognition plaque from Waterbirth International) has created a Randomized Controlled Trial of waterbirth.  The seminar was written up in the China Daily newspaper and Barbara was interviewed by magazines and TV stations while in Shanghai.

Here is a news story that ran on Australian TV recently - an interview with a 25 year old water baby and her mother





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