Birthing in the water enabled me to enter my own little internal world where gravity barely existed and nothing seemed real.  I was completely at peace and hardly aware of the hospital commotion around me.  I can not imagine doing it any other way.
Jennifer ~ mother of Marlee
Born 6/23/2006 in Fletcher, NC



I had planned on having a waterbirth in our home, baby was 2 weeks early, so I figured it was false labor until I had some bloody show. I had my husband call the midwife and when she arrived I was already in transition and laboring in water the whole time.  The labor went fairly uneventful and flowed as it should. 6 1/2 hours later, our beautiful 9 pound baby boy was born!  He came out of the water, hardly making a sound but breathing normally. His color was good and the midwife didn't even have to suction his mouth or nose.  It was textbook perfect!
Brenda ~ mother of Teague
Born 7/20/2008 in Marshall, VA



This was my first homebirth but my 4th waterbirth.  What a wonderful experience to be able to labor and deliver in the privacy of my own home.  I wish more states were more open to homebirths.


Melissa ~ mother of Piper


Born 4/16/2009 in Stillwater, NJ

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