"Rosie was my fifth birth. I would love to be able to go back in time and have my first four babies in water! Water continues to be a source of comfort to her and when she gets in the bath or a pool she completely relaxes. If she is crabby and out of sorts I can put her in the tub and after a few minutes she's "all better". My sixth baby, Sarah, was also born at home in the water and she is the same way. My first four children all like water but it doesn't have the same effect on them and they don't seem to crave being in it the way my waterbabies do. If I'm blessed with more children they will be waterbabies too!"

-Christy, mother of:


Rose Marie
Born at home 6/6/02
Waverly, MN,


Submitted 10/25/2006





"Cordelia is my third child. My first was born under water and I knew that was how I wanted to give birth. My second child showed up too fast to get in the tub and that birth, although wonderful, was not all that I wanted. We knew we had to rush and make sure we got in the water and with a two hour birth we just made it. The room was quiet, the water was what we needed and the birth was ideal - two pushes and she was born. Now, if our last and fourth child can arrive in the same manner, we'll be delighted!!"

-Micaela, mother of:


Cordelia Elizabeth
Born in a Hosptial Birth Center
Manchester, CT, USA


Waterbaby # 3598
Submitted 2/16/2006



"Due to unforseen circumstances, I ended up delivering my third son at home in a birthing pool. My family had relocated to FL when I was 27 weeks pregnant. In my new town, I found it very difficult to find an ob/gyn that would see me do to very busy schedules. I became increasingly frustrated and I decided at that moment I wanted to have my baby at home and in the water. It is something I had dreamed about before ever having children, but never thought I would be able to do. It was the most amazing experience. I finally had the birth of my dreams! My baby boy was born on Christmas Eve after only 8 hours of labor. He was very alert and calm after his birth and was breastfeeding when he was 20 minutes old. He weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 14 oz and I feel that because it was a waterbirth, it allowed me to labor at my bodies pace. It was very controlled and I suffered no tears. I couldn't imagine not having a waterbirth after experiencing how wonderful it was!"
-Tanya, mother of:

Parker Mason
Born at home 12/24/2005
Jupiter, FL, USA

Waterbaby # 3551

"I Was Born in Water!"

We have received thousands of emails giving us names, birthdates and places of birth. We thank you and ask for your patience as we process all of this information and get it up on our website. We want each person who registers their baby to fill out a Waterbirth Parent Survey. The research and statistics from these surveys will be invaluable. Our gratitude goes to all the courageous mothers and fathers the world over who are choosing to birth with passion and conviction and to tell others about it. Thank you!!

Women who have chosen to birth in water have a strong statement to deliver to the medical establishment. Their courage gives us hope and inspiration.  It is our job to make sure that hope and inspiration is transformed into widespread awareness and tangible action.

We still need your help.  

  • Please inform your midwife or doctors that this database exists and encourage her/him to link this page on their website.  
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  • And TALK to all pregnant women about their choices - make sure your voice becomes a beacon of light for pregnant moms everywhere.


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