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"After having two hospital births, this was by far the most comfortable relaxing happy birth I've ever had. Only three hours of hard labor and she was born into the warm tub, surrounded by candles and music and family. It was beautiful."                                

-Leslie Lynn, mother of:     


Mia Shealynn     

Waterbaby # 3801      
Andaluz Waterbirth

Tualatin, OR, USA




"Both of my babies were born waterbabies. I am now pregnant with my 3rd.Yes the new baby will be a water baby also. Totally amazing .I recommend it to all my pregnant friends. Calmer for the baby better for the Mom. BETTER FOR ALL."

-Kimmy, mother of:

Sypress Lilian
Born 7/30/2000
Hospital, Dunedin, FL, USA

submitted 10/22/2006



"Olivier's birth at home in the pure comfort of our bedroom (in a large tub) was the most amazing experience I have ever gone through. My husband was by my side during the whole 26 hour labor and was the best support I can imagine! the whole birth went so smoothly and I felt great- I can not imagine doing it any other way! I feel so fortunate to have experienced Olivier's birth in such an aware, elated and relaxed state of being... I get tears in my eyes just thinking about the birth."

-Michele, mother of:

Olivier Erik Jon
Born at home 10/20/2005
Marietta, GA, USA

submitted 10/12/2006



“A home water-birth had been my dream for years...and though I was chided by my co-workers and friends ("What if something goes wrong!?") I had envisioned and planned for this long enough to know that this birth, at home - communicating with my sweet child and being comforted and supported by my husband and friends - was the perfect place to be. My 9 pound boy was born after 6 hours of lovely (though tough at times) labor and support. Our birth experience was as perfect as I had envisioned.”
-Lorie, mother of:

Born at home 7/13/1998
Waltham, MA, USA

submitted 2/27/2007

The stories presented here are primarily written by the actual mothers and fathers. Sometimes, they tell us their stories over the phone or write their comments on Waterbirth Parent Surveys and send us some precious photos.

All of the photos are meant to share the meaning and power of birth.  Accompanying photos are often detailed and graphic. We, who are used to viewing birth, forget sometimes how powerful these glimpses of true miracles are.

Please respect these stories and photos for the sacred events they represent.


Women need a safe space to tell their birth stories. There are many emotional factors which come into focus for women going through the experience of childbirth.  By telling their stories they validate these feelings and gain perspective.  Birth stories are an important way to heal and to look at common birth practices experienced through mother's eyes.  We believe in the power of the birth story so much that we have adopted a project that was started a few years ago by a wonderful woman and playwright, Karen Brody, who wanted to support women in telling their stories. BOLD (Birth on Labor Day) is a project which encourages women to come together and listen to each other's birth stories and it all started with a play of women telling their stories. in 2007 BOLD will be sponsoring the play, BIRTH, in major cities throughout the world during the month of September.  Along with the play, many cities will also be hosting a RED TENT gathering - an actual physical location for women to exchange their stories about birth.  Read more about this on the BOLD website and if you would like to host a RED TENT in your community during the month of September, send in your information.

Thank you mothers, fathers, grand parents and all the children whose lives are shared here.


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Homebirth of Nels David


NEW! More Birth Stories!


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