“I was free to labor in a warm tub and also within my husband's embrace, and upon the point of delivery my joyful blessing was to able to push with my body, and pull with my own arms, my dear daughter -out of me and into a warm and welcome embrace also. Lovely!”
-Sharlene, mother of:
Talia Gwenn
Born 12/29/2004
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital
submitted 2/28/2007





“Once my water broke my midwife was right there, John already had the tub filled up and was in there. From the time when I got into the tub my contractions seemed to stop - I was so relaxed. I was in that tub for 6 minutes with a total of 3 pushes and my son was born. 8 pounds, 21 ounces. All natural, no drugs. He was so alert it was amazing. I would highly recommend this for anyone, it is well worth it. Most insurance will only allow an overnight stay and then you go home -  why not just have the baby at home?”
-Jennifer, mother of:
Born at home 1/21/2006
Deltona, FL, USA

submitted 2/28/2007




“I have long been passionate about babies and birth, and it was almost a no-brainer, when I became pregnant with our first child, that I would aim for a home birth. In short order I decided that I'd like a water birth, to boot. My labor began over dinner with friends at Pizzeria Uno's, although I didn't realize it, yet. By midnight there was no turning back; my doula arrived at our house around 5am, and the midwife around 7. My husband and I welcomed 8lb 4oz Zachary at 7:34am. It was an idyllic birth experience, I feel truly blessed. I look forward to welcoming more children, some day, in similar fashion!”
-Jennifer, Mother of:
Zachary Todd
Born at home 10/10/2006
East Norriton, PA, USA
Midwives: Midwifery Traditions
submitted 2/28/2007


“My son was born in the water after a wonderful labor, mostly spent in the water, in my bedroom with candle light and music, surrounded by family and close friends. He was a perfect vaginal birth after 2 cesareans.”
-Allison, mother of:
Anthony Robert Silvestro
Born at home 9/30/2006
DuPont, WA, USA
submitted 2/28/2007





“I labored at home on the birthing ball and in the shower and then got into the tub when I was 8 cm dilated. I made a loud leopard moan for an hour and could feel her head coming down the canal. I said "there's her head" when she popped through and then pushed out our baby into the water. I picked her up and she was smiling! We thought she was going to be a boy and were surprised to see a pretty little girl. Our little water baby!”
-Teresa, mother of:
Daphne Rose
Born at home 12/8/2002
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
submitted 2/28/2007






"Our baby was born at home with midwife in the water after nine hours of labor. Bonding was immediate and easy. I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience."

- Kristy, mother of:

 Odessa Wren

Born at home 7/15/2007

Spokane, WA


Waterbirth International no longer sells or rents portable pools.

These are the only two varities of purposely designed inflatable that we recomend.

Both can be purchased at




Birth pool questions? Visit our Birth Pool FAQ Page.

If you would like to learn more about waterbirth, visit our Waterbirth FAQ Page.




Both pools come in Regular or Professional Use.



Birth Pool in a Box Eco

  • Internal depth of 26" - water depth of 23"
  • Two sizes available: the Regular, which is big enough for two people, and the Mini
  • Three independent wall chambers for increased safety & adjustable height
  • Patented form-fitting disposable liners
  • Made without phthalates, which have been linked to fertility problems. Better for the environment, better for you and your baby
  • The Regular Birth Pool in a Box includes a seat, and has been designed for strength and comfort with 2 people, enabling your partner to take an active part in the birth of your baby. .


AquaBorn Eco Birth Pool



A Little Deeper!
To achieve bouyancy in water and allow easy movement between positions, 21" of water depth is required. the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool a little deeper so that your waist can stay in the water even when you want to lean over the pool.

Six handles 
The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has six handles that are optimally placed to assist in all birth positons. 

The vertical anti-deflate beams
The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool has unique beams that will deflate very slowly and equally, in the unlikely event of a puncture. This gives the mother plenty of time to exit the pool safely and the water to be removed before any spillage occurs.



These inflatable pools provides:

         1.   Greater comfort
         2.   Easier movement within the pool

         3.   Specifically designed for the laboring woman

         4.   Economical and affordable


Better than kiddie pools, and much better than hard sided rentals or put together expensive kits for purchase.  Own your birth equipment and pass it on to your neighbor, sister, friend, community midwife, hospital or sell it on Craigslist!


Please contact www.waterbirthsolutions.com  (877-811-0238) for the purchase of all birth pools and equipment you view on this site.  Waterbirth International does not sell any equipment or birth pools.





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