"...I was surprised how well the tub held heat from such a long time--we did add hot water at intervals but the
water stayed quite warm over an extended period.

I began to feel like pushing and so tried different positions to see what would work best. The tub was
great because of the well placed handles and the built-in seat. I ended up squatting with my bottom
resting on the seat and my hands clinging to the handles..."

-Amanda, mother of:

Indira Amani

Read her birth story!


submitted 4/6/07

"Having a water birth made the all-natural option even better! My husband and I love the fact that our son was born in the water!"

-Jo, mother of:

Maxwell Royce
Born 6/21/2005
Birth Center, Arnold, MD


submitted 7/11/2006




Birth Pool in a Box Eco

Two sizes and two grades - your choice!

Purchase all birth pools now online at:  www.waterbirthsolutions.com


  • Internal depth of 26" - water depth of 23"
  • Two sizes available: the Regular, which is big enough for two people, and the Mini
  • Three independent wall chambers for increased safety & adjustable height
  • Patented form-fitting disposable liners
  • One of the only inflatable Birth Pools made without phthalates, which have been linked to fertility problems. Better for the environment, better for you and your baby.




The Regular Birth Pool in a Box includes a seat, and has been designed for strength and comfort with 2 people, enabling your partner to take an active part in the birth of your baby. The Birth Pool in a Box Mini is a smaller alternative for use when space is limited.



Includes disposable liner for enhanced safety
Midwives advise that a new liner for the birth is a necessity from a hygiene perspective, and are a must when mothers want to be able to do trial-runs before the birth. One disposable liner is included with each pool and additional liners are available for just $35 each. Using a liner also means two "containers" for the water, giving added protection against the unlikely event of a water leak.


Deep enough to give buoyancy without compromising midwife support
The minimum recommended depth of water to provide buoyancy for a mother in labor is 20". Birth-Pool-in-a-Box has an internal depth of 26" and since the sides are stiff when inflated, you can fill water to a depth of 23".


Three independent chambers for improved safety
The sides of Birth-Pool-in-a-Box are made of 3 independent tubular chambers stacked on top of each other. If one of them should puncture by accident, only 1/3 of the wall height will be lost. This is safer for mother and baby and results in little to no water on your floor than a puncture into a single-chambered inflatable pool.


Adjustable Height
By deflating the middle chamber to the appropriate height once a woman is in the filled pool, the height of the pool can be adjusted for safe and comfortable access to the woman by her caregivers. Not every woman needs 28" high sides. Smaller woman or smaller midwives may find that by lowering the sides of the pool by several inches, they feel more comfortable. By adjusting this on the middle chamber, the rigidity and stability of the pool is maintained by the fully inflated top and bottom chamber.


Comfortable and welcoming
This doesn't look like a medical device! It is welcoming and the inflated sides are comfortable to rest upon. This is conducive to your relaxation which will enhance the production of the hormone oxytocin, speeding up your labor.

Double-reinforced handles
Mothers requested strong handles on the outside of the pool for use when leaning on the side facing out. They are angled at 30 degrees for comfort and secure the form-fitted disposable liner in place.


Sturdy enough for birth partner and midwives to support from any position
Once the pool is filled, the sides are sturdy enough for a 210 lb (95.5kg) person to sit on the side without collapsing it. There is also plenty of room in the Regular pool for the partner to join the mother.


Every one factory-tested
Every single pool is inflated and left for 24 hours before testing and packing. That means structural integrity you can depend on.


Fast to inflate and fill
With a fast hand pump it takes only 10 minutes to inflate the pool. Water filling time depends on your hot-water system. This Regular pool holds the equivalent of approximately 3 1/4 bathtubs of water.


Proven in the field
Birth Pool in a Box has been used successfully for labor and birth by over 1,200 women in Europe and is now quickly gaining popularity in the US. For more information on its history, please visit The Good Birth Company's website


Approximate time to inflate - 5-25 minutes, depending on type of inflator.


Approximate filling time - 40 minutes to 3 hours (depending on your water pressure and the size of your hot water tank.)


Why "Eco"?
Birth Pool in a Box is made from PVC. PVC needs softening additives ("plasticisers") to make it flexible and the plasticisers historically used - compounds called phthalates - have been linked to fertility problems in animals and, by extension, people. Alternative plasticisers have been developed whose performance is close to that of phthalates and we have specified these for use in the new versions of Birth Pool in a Box. Hence the name Eco highlights the reduced impact on health and the environment.



Is there an Eco liner as well?
Yes! An Eco liner comes with each Eco pool and additional liners are available separately.  

Can I re-use this pool for more than one birth?
The Personal Use Regular Eco Birth Pool in a Box is sold and considered as a "single use" pool.  However, some midwives report using the pool successfully for 10 or more births.  A new liner is simply added for each new woman.  If you are a pregnant mom and want to own your birth pool so that you can use it for your next baby, too, this is the best one on the market.  The Professional Grade Birth Pool in a Box was actually designed with busy midwifery practices in mind.  Professional Grade pools have been used repeatedly for 30-40 births without fail.  This number of inflations is subject to all kind of variables, including how you store the pool, what the outside temperature is, how long it is left up and how often it is inflated and deflated.  Treat either model with respect and kindness and they will last longer. 


If I am finished with my pool and don't want to keep it what should I do? Waterbirth International has a Birth Pool in a Box recycling program in place.  Send us your used pool and we'll make sure it goes to a midwife or doctor or clinic in a developing country that has requested a donation or to a mother who cannot afford to purchase her own pool.

Can you make bio-degradable pools?
There is currently no bio-degradable material available that performs like PVC available at prices less than 10 times that of PVC. We expect innovation to enable one at some time in the future and we will definitely offer it as soon as we can.



Comparison Chart:


Birth Pool in a Box Regular Mini  
Shape Ellipsoid (Egg) Ellipsoid (Egg)  
External max dimensions 76 x 65" 65 x 57"  
  193 x 165cm 165 x 145cm  
Internal max dimensions 56 x 45" 45 x 37"  
  142 x 114cm  114 x 94cm   
Internal depth 26"  26"   
  66cm 66cm  
Max. Water Depth 22" (55 cm)  22" (55 cm)  
Rim width 10" 10"  
  25cm 25cm  
Built-in seat Yes No  
Disposable liner One included One included  
  Additional $32 Additional $32  
Internal Seat Yes No  
Handles on Outside 4 4  
Handles on Top 2 2  
Max suggested height of mother 6'0" 5'8"  
  182cm 172cm  
Water Capacity - 80% full 172 gallons 127 gallons  
  650 liters 480 liters  
Water Capacity - 90% full 193 gallons 140 gallons  
  730 liters 530 liters  
Weight when filled (add weight of mother) 1433 lbs 1058 lbs  
  650kg 480kg  
Unfilled Weight 14.3 lbs 13.2 lbs  
  6.5 kg  6 kg  
Pool Material Pool: 0.38mm PVC Pool: 0.38mm PVC  
Form-fitted disposable liner material Liner: 0.20mm PVC Liner: 0.20mm PVC  

The Birth Pool in a Box was designed and manufactured by the Good Birth Company


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