Although most people have their doubts about a waterbirth, it was truly the most beautiful experience that I have ever had. The water was calming, yet it helped speed my contractions along which is what you want. The water allowed me to relax and float in between contractions and when baby was born, she was very calm and alert. I would do it again. My advice to other women would be to read about waterbirths and educate yourself, it is what I did and what my husband and I chose. It could be for you too or maybe not, but just read about it and find out what is best for you. It was a completely drug free alternative and the water reduced the stress of giving birth on me and my infant. I do hope that others open their minds to waterbirth because it could be a really great start for you and baby

- Letitia, mother of:

Madison Deneen
Born 1/2/2007
Birth Center, Oak Park, IL, USA

A successful HWBAC (Home Water Birth After Cesarean) Home Birth may not be for everyone, although I highly suggest those expecting to look into all options for the birth that you want. We wanted a calm, conscious, peaceful, natural childbirth with no unnecessary interventions or medical model protocols. We wanted nature to unfold and present itself to us, and it did. Beautifully.

Cassandra ~ Mother of:
Brayden Jame
Born 6/5/2009
Home, Annapolis, MD, USA

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