"What a wonderful experience! I'd do it a thousand times over if I could! Rayna was born in such a calm and loving environment. We also had the ability of not leaving our 2 1/2 year old son at any time which made things much less stressful. It's sad that more women don't know of the joys that a homebirth can bring. Birthing in water felt so natural!"

-Rachel, mother of:


Rayna Maye
Born at home 5/14/2006
Hampton Bay, NY, USA


submitted: 10/11/2006


"A wonderful, if speedy, experience to welcome our first child. Gabrielle couldn't wait to join us and in a little under 2 1/2 hours, entered the world into water in our home with just us and our midwife present. What a natural, peaceful and beautiful way to enter the world."

~Rachel, mother of:


Gabrielle Page
Born at home 9/22/2006
Perth, Western Australia, AU




"Baby was born into mama's hands with a midwife and nurse watching,  as well as Daddy. I have had five children so far and this was the best birth ever - sooooo much more comfortable for me and the least stressed baby the midwife had ever seen. We were discharged less than 12 hours later and have had no problems to this point - she is a happy plump baby who sleeps 12 hours at night (wow!)"

~Stephanie, mother of:


Anaia Elisabeth Agathe

Born in a birth center 8/16/2004

Spruce Grove, Alberta, CA

Submitted 11/4/2004


Waterbirth International was founded in 1988
with one purpose in mind:n>

"To make waterbirth an available option for all women."


To accomplish that vision changes have to be made to the way we treat women in labor and the way we welcome babies into this world. To that end, Waterbirth International has been working non-stop for over two decades providing education, training, programs, consultations and referrals for parents and practitioners alike.


And there have been major accomplishments on all fronts. We are very proud of the fact that we have assisted in the installation of birth pools in over 200 hospitals in the US and several dozen in other countries around the globe, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, Australia, Philippines and India to name just a few.


We also assisted over 7000 couples with portable pool rentals for water labor and waterbirth. Countless more couples have watched our videos and DVDs and shared them with family, friends and providers. All of this has helped change the consciousness of birth and parenting.


Waterbirth International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit corporation. We have worked with other NGOs, nonprofits and projects around the world, including the Gentle Birth Education Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, a mountain health clinic in Guatemala and other worthy projects. Waterbirth International has donated educational materials and birth supplies to many clinics and orphanages over the past 20 years. Our projects in the former Soviet Republics just after the breakup of the Soviet Union brought over 1 million dollars worth of donated medical supplies and clothing to nine different sites in four countries, including, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. We remain committed to approaching a vast array of global problems by focusing on the source experience of birth from the mother's perspective and especially from the view of the baby entering the world. If we want to create a peaceful society it is best to begin with the Primary Developmental Period of Conception, Pregnancy and the Birth Event.


In 2007, we began the process of Waterbirth Credentialing by teaching a one day seminar for birth providers and birth support professionals.  The Waterbirth Certification Workshop has been taught in cities all over the US, Mexico and Canada, as well as Taiwan, Israel and Venezuela.


The workshop covers all the most current research, recognizing and preventing emergencies in waterbirth, pool set up, infection control, establishing a research protocol and much more.  The Waterbirth  Certification Workshop is the first step toward holding a certificate of Credentialing in Waterbirth.  If you are interested in sponsoring or attending a workshop near you, email: info@waterbirth.org.



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