Both my babies were born waterbabies. I am now pregnant with my 3rd.Yes the new baby will be a water baby also. Totally amazing .I recommend it to all my pregnant friends. Calmer for the baby better for the Mom. BETTER FOR ALL."


-Kimmy, mother of:

Sypress Lilian
Born 7/30/2000
Hospital, Dunedin, FL, USA

submitted 10/22/2006




"Olivier's birth at home in the pure comfort of our bedroom (in a large tub) was the most amazing experience I have ever gone through. My husband was by my side during the whole 26 hour labor and was the best support I can imagine! the whole birth went so smoothly and I felt great- I can not imagine doing it any other way! I feel so fortunate to have experienced Olivier's birth in such an aware, elated and relaxed state of being... I get tears in my eyes just thinking about the birth."


-Michele, mother of:

Olivier Erik Jon
Born at home 10/20/2005
Marietta, GA, USA
submitted 10/12/2006







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